Which kid will be the better athlete?

Posted on October 9, 2012 by

For a lot of people (ahem, me) team sports as a child were super nerve-racking because of the all-consuming fear of being chosen last. Luckily, these two kids have loving family members to prepare them for the big day that they’ll have their first go at organized sports.

Unfortunately, neither child is necessarily adept in their chosen arenas. Let’s assess:

Contender 1

This kid has so much passion for wiffle ball… until he doesn’t. In fact, he has a two-second attention span. That’s a record low!! This was the three-year-old’s second time playing the sport but it looks like he’ll need a lot more practice.

Contender 2

This five-year kid’s uncle is preparing him for soccer by forcing him to deal with all the elements. By spinning him around before he kicks the ball, the kid will know how to handle a similar situation on the field. Too bad for the kid, the dizziness is just a little too much for him.

Place your bets, who will be the next big athlete?

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