Top 10 street style photos from Paris Fashion Week

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Fashion Week isn’t only about designers and their mega-fabulous runway shows. The pool of photographers  waiting for your arrival gives you all the more reason to be more adventurous with your style.

Despite the dreary weather in Paris this past week, fashion-forward editors, socialites and the like were anything but. Donned in their best fall gear — from tweed and leather to stripes and peplum skirts — these fashionistas really know how to embrace trends in a unique way.

1. Oh-so-cocoa

“Wear a coat as a dress,” says Anna Dello Russo in her Fashion Shower video for H&M. Now we understand why that’s one of her top ten fashion rules. This coat is stylin n’ profilin’. And those golden shades top off this plain-Jane look beautifully.

2. Stripes lovin’

Striped pants were a hit this past summer and now the trend is easing its way into fall. It’s a smart way to enhance a simple look such as this one — a plain grey top and leather jacket.

3. Pretty in peplum

Here’s another summer trend that’s in full swing this fall season! And why wouldn’t it be? Peplum skirts are the essence of femininity. The best part about this look is the fact that she paired it with a comfy sweater. It’s unexpected but she’s totally rocking it!

4. Mix-n-match

The best part about this look is the fact that nothing goes together but it works. It’s a confusing concept but she’s rocking every aspect of it.

5. Tweed-tastic

A fashion must-have this season is tweed. Tweed skirts and blazers seem to be top notch this fall but this tweed dress is adorable and very appropriate for an event like Paris Fashion Week. Doesn’t she look like she belongs to the Royal family?

6. Sequined in yellow

Ever wonder why neutral colours are so popular during fall? Why not brighten up a dull day with a yellow skirt and sequined top. This is a gorgeous combination of the two paired with cat-eye shades.

7. Metallic-wear


Want to glam up a simple look? A metallic sequined blazer is the way to go! She balanced the glitziness of the blazer by pairing it with a conservative black skirt, patterned top and classic necklace.

8. Bright accessorize


You just can’t go wrong with a chunky sweater! And pairing it with a leather skirt is the perfect way to get your trend on this season! The best part about this look is the way she colourfully accessorized this very neutral attire.

9. A cozy fit
Everything about this look screams comfort yet she looks stylish enough to be in a magazine. Usually fashion and comfort don’t really go together, but this effortless look is to die for.

10. The blouse
The simplest way to dress up an outfit? With a blouse. The lace embroidery on this nude chiffon blouse is absolutely beautiful.

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