Hipster parents dress their kids up for Halloween

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Sometimes parents can make or break a Halloween costume. Mom, remember the time I wanted to be the pink Power Ranger but you got me the Costco pink ninja costume instead? It wasn’t the same, it just wasn’t the same. Still, it’s better than these kids, who were coerced into wearing hipster Halloween costumes because of artsy parents.

I mean, I think it’s adorable and will probably do the same. But when the cool kid dresses up as Elmo every year and your kid has to explain she’s Frido Kahlo because of her monumental influence on art, they might get a WTF stare back.

Luckily, these are the types of things that build character…

Check out the photos below:

I Hate My Hipster Parents, Why Can't I Just Be Elmo? of the Day

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One response to “Hipster parents dress their kids up for Halloween”

  1. Funny… I have friends at work who are the furthest from hipster that one could get.

    Their 2 year old ASKED to be Amadeus Mozart for Halloween. It was a hoot watching them go all out on the costume.

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