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Check out Justin Bieber playing beer pong

Posted on October 9, 2012 by

Justin Bieber playing beer pong

Even though Justin Bieber isn’t enrolled in school right now he’s definitely getting the college experience, indulging in a late night round of beer pong. Although the pic was obtained by TMZ, they’re not sure right now where he was when it all went down. Whether it was Canada or the US is besides the point since it’s illegal to drink in either country (in most places).

While some people might be all “OMG Justin, this is illegal” the biggest thing on my mind is why he’s wearing a backpack inside. AND, what’s inside?

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One response to “Check out Justin Bieber playing beer pong”

  1. wadekelly says:

    there are tonnes of places all over the world where it’s legal for him to drink. Alberta and Quebec for starters.

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