Darren Criss writes a letter to Gleeks about the ‘Klaine’ breakup

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Spoiler aside, our hearts broke last Thursday when Glee favourites Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) broke up after Blaine admitted to cheating when he felt lonely and hurt.

But while it may all seem like bad news in this fandom, Criss insists that there is some good out of the sad storyline. In fact, he wants to thank the fans.

In a heartfelt letter posted on his Facebook page, Criss expressed his appreciation at how much support he got for playing one of the show’s breakout stars.  Letting us in on his early days of singing in cafes and open mic nights, he said being cast on Glee changed his life.

In fact, he says he owes much of this success to social media.

“We live in an unprecedented age of social connectivity, and I am happy to say that  none of you have failed to take full advantage of that. Don’t think I’m not aware of how active the fandom is, or how much impact it has,” he wrote. “Remember: Not only am I fan myself, but I do have an internet connection. I see the gifs, I see the fanfics, I see the memes, and it’s all amazing stuff. Though I haven’t met the majority of you, it’s a real thrill to know that many of your lives have come together on behalf of mine.”

What’s even more humbling about this letter, is the fact that Criss revealed that a certain Katy Perry song was covered once more to thank his supporters.

So sweet and down to earth. There’s honestly nothing better than an beautiful encore performance.

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