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Meet Liam Payne, our newest bachelor!

Posted on October 4, 2012 by

In “awful” One Direction news, Liam Payne confirmed breaking up with his girlfriend of two years, Danielle Peazer. Rumours are flying about who Payne will date next, including fellow X-Factor singer Leona Lewis. Umm, I don’t want to break any more hearts there, but she might be a tad out of Liam’s age range (19 vs. 27? Likely).

The staff at ANDPOP are debating about who Liam should date next. We found some perfect candidates on Twitter — Liam himself even called them all “babes!”

Here are five 1D babes we think Liam could potentially date next:


Aww. This 1D fan would totally love Liam forever. @MyLifeSelena must be really special if Liam himself sends some love back.


Pure sadness. This Liam-lover opted out of talking to their potential hubby and did homework instead. We think that if they’re so dedicated to their studies, they’d be TOTALLY loyal to Liam.


Willing to cheese the neighbours with your love of One Direction? Golden candidate.


These random words of encouragement are the foundations of a good relationship.


Despite his awful typo, Liam would clearly put a smile on this girl’s face no matter what kind of week she has.

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