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Hit and Misses: Taylor Swift, Chris Brown and Rihanna, and more

Posted on October 4, 2012 by

 In the world of celebrity news, there’s no shortage of hits and misses. This week, Taylor Swift donates money for a school for the deaf after a nasty joke, and Rihanna and Chris Brown are rumoured to have made out at a New York night club.

Hit: Taylor Swift donates money and concert tickets to a school for the deaf after 4Chan joke

The international shit disturbers on Reddit and 4chan thought it would be funny to troll a Facebook contest where Taylor Swift would perform for the school with the most likes. The trolls mean spiritedly decided to cast their votes for Boston’s Horace Mann School for the Deaf. Unfortunately for the school, they were disqualified because of the corrupt votes. It’s always mean spirited when the hopes of innocent kids are involved but thankfully, TSwift naturally rose to the occasion. She donated $10,000 to the school and free tickets to her next local show because of the joke. A number of companies have matched her donation resulting in a total donation amount of $50,000 for the school. Who’s the better WOMAN, now, trolls?

MISS: Chris Brown and Rihanna apparently caught making out

Rumours are swirling that Chris Brown and Rihanna were caught making out while partying in a New York club. It’s an obvious fail considering dirtbag Brown is involved.  We all know that Rihanna could do so much better. Maybe Jay-Z can set her up with a nice, smart man to make her happy.

HIT: Anne Hathaway gets married

Princess Mi-, I mean actor Anne Hathaway had her own fairy tale wedding this past weekend. She looked amazing in a dreamy custom Valentino wedding dress with her short hair (courtesy of Les Mis filming) adorned with a beautiful hairpiece. Even in blurry paparazzi shots, the ceremony itself looked romantic as the setting sun bathed the beautiful couple in warm lighting as they exchanged vows along the California coast. Congratulations Hathaway, for topping Blake Lively’s plantation wedding!

MISS: Lindsay Lohan gets in a physical fight with guest

After a night of clubbing, Lohan and friends went back to their hotel room where Lohan reportedly became upset after spotting a new friend taking photos of her with his cellphone. Like always, trouble ensued when Lohan grabbed his phone from him to delete the photos but he fought back by pushing and choking her. It’s now public knowledge that Lohan’s new friend is actually 26-year-old Republican congressional staffer Christian LaBella who has been since been arrested and then un-arrested when Lohan refused to accept medical treatment for her injuries. You would think anyone who has political ambitions, well ambitions in general, would know to stay away from Lohan. She just seems to be dragging everyone down every time she cries wolf with the tabloids.

HIT: Britney Spears’ niece dresses up as “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Britiney

Jamie Lynn Spears dressed up 4-year-old daughter Maddie as Aunt Britney for her school’s Celebrity Day. Naturally, Spears keeps Maddie from looking too Toddler and Tiaras as the mini-Spears’ school girl costume is a more conservative but just as cute as than the original. Either way, this is the cutest thing I’ve seen all week! She even has the fluffy pink scrunchies! I can’t even…

MISS: Justin Bieber throws up on stage

Justin Bieber unloaded his stomach onstage during the “Believe” tour’s first show in Arizona on Saturday. Bieber left the stage but quickly came back out to continue the show like a champ. He later tweeted and blamed milk for the incident. You’re not much of a man of steel if milk can defeat you, are you Bieber?


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