Cher Lloyd’s ode to friendship with her “Oath” video

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Sooo I kind of secretly love this video. Before watching Cher Lloyd’s new music video for “Oath,” I couldn’t imagine having major feelings about the message of the song. Plus, I was originally put off by Lloyd casually hanging out on top of a flashy red convertible in her vintage bikini (dude, you’re 19).


But I soon fell in love.

The song is about the importance of friendship and sticking together FOREVER. You can cue the cheese all you want, but I’m pretty much inspired to strip down to my tasseled necklace-tank top thing (like the one she’s wearing) and slow-mo down the beach with my girls. It’s happening.

The best part of the video is the dynamic between Cher and the adorable rapper, Becky G, who BTW is kinda her doppelganger. The L.A. native is the perfect ingredient to a sassy and slightly addictive ode to friendship. Can these two be BFFs already and make more songs together?

The best line in the song: “you are my tuxedo and I’m your bow tie” is so bad that I’ll be using it on my friends.¬†As a side note, I’m also really digging the swag in this video. Not only does Cher go back to her spunky hip-hop moves (like the ones in her X Factor audition) but the British star also sports some majorly inexplicable unique outfits throughout the video.

Watch the video here:

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