Drinking games: Obama and Romney edition

Posted on October 3, 2012 by

After 12: Who's Ready For Some Presidential Debate Debauchery?

Tonight is the night to get crunk with the president. We found this hilarious 2012 presidential debate drinking game that challenges debate-goers to chug their political woes away tonight. First you must make the life-altering decision: Obama or Romney?

Once you’ve chosen who you’re voting for who you’re getting smashed with, pay close attention to what each candidate says in their speech. Romney says he’s for the 100%? Shots. Obama utters the words “auto bailout?” Shots. If either candidate mentions George W. Bush, have a beer. Or three.

The best part is that the winner might look a little something like this total boss:

Here are some prizes we think might be appropriate for the champions of this game:

A hug from this guy:

Chocolate kisses from Obama:

A lifetime’s worth of entertainment:

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