Musical prozac: Grizzly Bear, Rihanna, Frank Ocean and more

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“Yet Again” — Grizzly Bear

Sometimes a band comes out with a music video so hauntingly beautiful you just can’t help but stare in amazement, engrossed in its drama. New York psychedelic rock band Grizzly Bear’s “Yet Again,” off their latest album Shields, is a mesmerizing piece of art. The video starts off with a beautiful figure skater who falls into a dark abyss and swims underwater only to find herself walking through a carnival, figure skates on and everything. The song is just as haunting as the video, with dark guitars and somber, dramatic vocals. If you’re into experimental rock music, Grizzly Bear will definitely impress you.

“The City” — Madeon 

If only all the wars in the world were like the one in Madeon’s video for “The City,” our problems would all be solved! French electronic artist Madeon’s latest video pits armies of youth against each other… but just when things look like they’re getting serious it turns out their guns are filled with powder paint! A giant, epic colour war ensues. The dance track is definitely a catchy one, with vocals by Zak Waters. It’s a great mix of pop, indie, and dance, but now everytime I listen to it I can’t help but wish my hometown held paint battles too!

“Diamonds” — Rihanna

It’s rare to hear a Rihanna track nowadays that isn’t a full on electronic inspired club banger, but RiRi finally released another ballad. Written by Sia, “Diamonds” is Rihanna’s brand new single and I must admit, Rihanna manages to sing the slow ballad just as powerfully as she does in her dance songs. “Diamonds” showcases her strong voice perfectly and gives her the range to let her emotions come through. RiRi belts her heart out as she sings about shining bright like a diamond, and charmingly exaggerates her Barbados accent in some verses. I’m extremely impressed with the new single and predict another number 1 single for Rihanna.

“Blue Whale” — Frank Ocean

As if we already didn’t know how talented Frank Ocean is, he just debuted a brand new track on his tumblr that features him rapping. In case you were too distracted by Ocean’s silky smooth singing voice to listen to his poignant lyrics, now you can listen to his silky smooth TALKING voice and still be distracted by how beautiful he sounds. But seriously. Once again, Ocean has outdone himself with strong, introspective lyrics, and a mellow tone.

“Die Young” — Ke$ha

Whoever thought popstar Ke$ha had a one hit wonder on her hands with “Tik Tok” can eat their words. Ke$ha has been going strong for the past few years, even collaborating with some huge artists like Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips. The woman who made talk-singing famous is back with a new single “Die Young” and an upcoming third album Warrior. “Die Young” is a typical Ke$ha track about dancing and partying, and while the girl may not have a huge repertoire of topics to sing about, she knows how to make one catchy track! Warrior hits stores Dec. 4.

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