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Ed Sheeran then and now: family photos, yo-yos, first performance and more

Posted on October 1, 2012 by

By Jill Krajewski

Who doesn’t have an orange crush on Ed Sheeran? That accent, that guitar, that ginger hair… That’s why these photos and videos of young Ed are too adorable to pass up.  

He comes from a musical family

Ed Sheeran was born in 1991 in Halifax, England, and started school around age three. He’s not the only creative one in the family — his mom designs jewelry, his dad’s an art historian and his older brother Matt plays classical music.

He was obsessed with yo-yos

Before he got “Drunk” on music, seven-year-old Ed was a serious yo-yo addict. “I remember during the yo-yo craze [in 1998] my mum wouldn’t spend £8 and made me one out of jam jar lids and string,” Ed said. “Can you imagine taking that to school?”

Damien Rice told him to go for his dreams

Ed picked up his first guitar when he was 11-years old. He got into singing and writing music in 2002 after meeting Irish songwriter Damien Rice backstage at a concert. Damien told Ed to follow his dreams (d’aw).

First record!

Ed was 14-years old when he put out his first EP, The Orange Room, in 2005. Here’s his track “I Love You,” in case you need a private Ed serenade. We won’t judge you — in fact, we’ll join you.

His first festival 

After three years of busking and playing gigs in London, 17-year-old Ed landed his first festival spot at the Maverick Festival in 2008. He did an acoustic cover of “My Pony” by Ginuwine, a song you’ll definitely recognise if you saw Channing Tatum shake it in Magic Mike.

No one said he was good at dancing

Ed auditioned for a British musical show called Brittania High that same year. Though the judges loved his singing voice, they couldn’t get into his dorky dance moves. There’s always Dancing With the Stars, right?

Ed and breakfast

Determined to make it big, Ed set off to L.A. for a month when he was 19. He played anywhere he could, including this IHOP in 2010, to get his music out.

Living the dream

Somewhere in-between racking millions of hits on YouTube, playing hundreds of shows a year and getting A-list fans, the world finally caught onto Ed’s amazing music. He topped the charts with his debut album + in 2011, proving that hard work goes a long way.

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