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Selena Gomez gets attacked by Leatherface on Ellen

Posted on September 28, 2012 by

Selena Gomez lost her cool twice on Ellen after costumed monsters snuck up behind her and pounced in the middle of the interview. The first time, Leatherface tiptoed to her chair and blasted a chainsaw behind her and the second time a caped Dracula yelled into her ear. Gomez flipped her lid, cowering  in her seat while the audience laughed at the hilarity (way to give NO WARNING audience).

It’s pretty fitting considering one of the starlet’s favourite places IN THE WORLD is this place called Knott’s Scary Farm, where she hesitantly explores the mazes with boyfriend Justin Bieber, half covering her eyes. She’s also starring in a Halloween-appropriate animated movie called Hotel  Transylvania with Adam Sandler. The movie is about Count Dracula, who goes into over-protective mode when his daughter (Gomez) meets a boy.

We love that Selena was such a good sport about the whole thing, especially after the second time. That’s pretty much an all time record on the Ellen show! I’d also be mildly scared to go on the Ellen show from now to Halloween because sh*t is going to go down.



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