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RECAP: Sarah Jessica Parker guest stars in in Glee “Makeover”

Posted on September 28, 2012 by

By Kelly O’Brien

This week, Brittany and Blaine battle it out for Student Body President and Sarah Jessica Parker guest stars as Kurt’s boss at Vogue, Isabelle Klempt.

Here’s what you need to know from last night’s episode, “Makeover”:

1. Blaine’s running for office — Blaine decides to challenge Brittany for her spot as McKinley High’s student body president and chooses Sam AKA Trouty Mouth as his running mate.  As soon as Blaine strips off his bow tie and Sam just strips (allowing a brief moment for everyone to appreciate those abs), it was clear that they had the election in the bag.

2. Kurt’s going Vogue — After being out of Ohio for what seems like two minutes, Kurt lands an internship at Vogue.com under editor Isabelle Klempt, played by Ms. New Yorker herself, Sarah Jessica Parker.  SJP and NYC go hand in hand, so who better to take Kurt under her wing and show him the ropes?  I think this job is perfect for Kurt. Anyone who can rock a hippo brooch belongs at Vogue.

3. Mr. Schuester has a new dream — With a national championship under his belt, Mr. Schuester decides he would make a great addition to the Blue Ribbon Government Panel to put arts back into schools. It would be amazing to give other schools a shot at belting out Journey or Florence, but this job requires him to leave McKinley and I do NOT approve. Glee without Schuester is like Rachel without her voice — it’s just not right.

4. Blaine and Kurt are drifting — With Kurt in New York, Blaine is left feeling alone at McKinley. He tries everything he can to fill the void Kurt left behind, but not even the likes of the Superhero Club can replace a boy whose wardrobe includes both a kilt AND a half sweater.  Although Kurt is growing up, I think these two have a shot at working it out if Blaine can learn to survive McKinley without him.

 5. Rachel has to choose — After a trip to Vogue.com’s Couture Vault (which I have to admit puts even Carrie Bradshaw’s closet to shame), Rachel decides to make a move by inviting Brody over for dinner.  While things fizzled out in the kitchen, they were just heating up for these two when our long lost Finn came knocking at the door. Nothing like an ex-fiancé to put out a fire.

Best Performace: “A Change Would Do You Good,” covered by Rachel and Brody.  My apologies to Finn, but these two NEED to be together. Like, now.

Listen to it here:

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