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Twitter Stalking: Rihanna has the late night munchies

Posted on September 27, 2012 by

Apparently Rihanna had the late night munchies yesterday, tweeting about her profound craving for greasy food to her 26 million followers. This was a very important post in the world of Twitter and revealed a few tidbits about RiRi’s diet: Despite earning buttloads of cash each year she’ll settle for a Cup Noodles if she has too. And that’s why we love her.

Also, Rihanna is so damn powerful she has the ability to influence the world on a deep level. Her tweet inspired legions of followers to write prolific tweets about TGI Friday’s and it quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

Check out her tweets below:

TGI Friday’s


Back to TGI Friday’s

Red Lobster

Cup Noodles

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