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Mercy Update: Kim Kardashian’s cat is still alive guys

Posted on September 26, 2012 by

Although she looks completely miserable in these photos, we can all be assured that Kim Kardashian’s new white cat Mercy is still alive.

Mercy was a gift from Kardashian’s boyfriend Kanye West, however, it seems the cat is none-to-pleased with her new living arrangements.

See below:

The cat’s only outlet is her new Twitter account @KardashianKat, where she constantly cries for help to her nearly 1700 followers. In a home where Mercy’s owner Googles flattering photos of herself all day long and sees the cat as an accessory, it’s not hard to see why Mercy is so sad all the time.

We’ll keep bringing you timely updates about this poor victim’s situation. Though, who are we kidding really? This cat is going to get spoiled rotten!

Check out more photos below: 

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