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Tumblr Tuesday: Full House, Bieber selfies and 1D fantasies

Posted on September 25, 2012 by

Pack away the sandals and take out the boots

Saturday marked the first day of fall. Now I’m kind of depressed because I can no longer wear my flats without my feet freezing. Get yourself a pair of cute moccasin boots before the snow starts to fall. Then we can move onto Uggs… but not quite yet. [inspiration-fashion]

Full House reunion 

I’ve seen every episode of Full House..about ten times each. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 25 years since the first episode aired. The cast got together on the weekend and even tweeted out some adorbz pics/videos. Ugh, that takes me back!! [a-v-a-n]

Wait..where was Michelle Tanner?

The Olsen twins better have a good excuse for NOT showing up. [kidsinthe90s]

Arm candy for days

If there’s one thing I’ve become obsessed with, it’s bracelets. You can find a whole bunch of DIY designs online that are super easy to make. Once you get the hang out it, you can start selling them to your friends and family. Who doesn’t like a little bit of income doing something they love? [toodles2ubitches]

A little piece of advice

Not only are fraternal twins Megan and Liz amazing singers, they give out great advice. If anyone’s looking for a couple of role models, these are the girls for you. [thirteen-fearless]

Giving the ladies what they want

I don’t think life can get any better since Justin Bieber decided to start using Instagram again. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love selfies? [ohlordbieber]

Time to vent

High school. College. Boys. Parents. Homework. Stress. Just put it all in the book sista! [haileyandhercamera]

Cause who doesn’t know this dance by now?

It wasn’t long ago when you’d go on the Internet and see the latest parody of “Call Me Maybe.” Now you listen to the mind blowing mash-up of it with Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” You better start perfecting Psy’s dance moves because you don’t know what’s coming next! [mrchickenwhy]


Imagine this: you’re on a long road-trip back from your grandparent’s house, you’re in the back seat listening to “Live While We’re Young” and suddenly you pass by five boys that turn out to be One Direction. Okay snap out of it now! [imagine-goingin1d]

Don’t forget your rubber ducky¬†

Every little kid has a favourite toy to play with in the bathtub, hiding it under the bubbles and then trying to find it later, right? So who says you can’t play with ducks when you grow up? [alizeechau]

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