New puppy cam means your productivity will go way down

Posted on September 24, 2012 by

Every once in a while a live stream will surface and everyone in the entire office will look horrified and say to themselves: “f*ck.” How the hell am I going to do my work today?” That’s exactly how I feel about this new puppy cam, which records Hope and her six adorable baby boys.

Hope was surrendered by her owner to the South Los Angeles Shelter while pregnant. The Pet Collective and New Leash on Life rescued Hope and the puppies as soon as they were two weeks old.¬†They write on YouTube: “We named her Hope to inspire others to help provide some hope to shelter animals everywhere.”

The dogs were born on Sept. 2 and are Pit Bull mixes. I’ve already brought up the idea of adopting a cat or dog for our office but naturally it was shot down as soon as the logistics were mentioned. But, if you’re dying to adopt one of these puppies they’ll be ready for a new home at eight weeks old! Check New Leash for more info.

Watch it here:

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One response to “New puppy cam means your productivity will go way down”

  1. Where are the puppies? I hope this is just maintenance?

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