Musical Prozac: Drake, Tegan and Sara, Cris Cab and more

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“Where Were You” — Drake & Dawn Richard

Drake’s new collab with Dawn Richard (of Diddy-Dirty-Money fame) is the perfect example of how a female vocalist can add that extra oomph to a song. The previously unreleased “Where Were You” is a classic tear-jerking Drake track about two ex-lovers still pining for each other. “Where Were You” was originally recorded as “Whatever Became of You” by Colin Munroe for Thank Me Later and was scrapped from the album. Now re-released with a haunting synth base, Drake and Dawn’s vocals complement each other beautifully and you can really hear the emotion in their voices. Thank goodness this gem of a song wasn’t lost forever!

“Closer” — Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara have been experimenting with a more electro-fied sound in the past few years, with their recent “Body Work” collaboration with Morgan Page really bringing out their radio-friendly side. The Canadian twins’ new single “Closer” is a deeper dive for them into the dance music sound. With tons of synth, Tegan and Sara have pretty much turned their backs on the alternative/acoustic rock sound they were once known for. I don’t know about you but I’m loving their new sound. Kudos to the ladies for staying current and evolving. Tegan and Sara will be releasing a new album early next year.

“Paradise on Earth” — Cris Cab

The last time we heard from Cris Cab he had Pharell co-writing his music and Wyclef Jean producing it. This time, Cab has Frank Ocean’s producer Malay making sure Cab’s new single “Paradise on Earth” is on point. If you’re depressed like me about summer ending, throw on the track to transport you to a beach paradise. Cab’s reggae inspired, mellow vocals will make you forget it’s gloomy and raining outside and bring back those summer memories of warm sunshine, glowing tans, breezy dresses and fruity drinks.

“Glassheart” — Leona Lewis

A few months ago I would have been shocked to hear a Leona Lewis track with a dubstep break but these days everyone from Muse to Britney Spears are taking advantage of the dubstep craze. Ryan Tedder, the man who made Lewis famous way back when with “Bleeding Love,” produces her latest track too. Personally, I think “Glassheart” will help Lewis skyrocket back to relevancy. It’s got a great, driving house beat, Lewis’ vocals are powerful as always and it even includes a dubstep break. Like it or not, this track will make you dance. Leona Lewis’ new album Glassheart will be released Oct. 12.

“Looking Hot” — No Doubt

No Doubt’s new single “Looking Hot,” off their new album Push and Shove was almost not included on the album at all. And that would have been quite the travesty! The new single mashes No Doubt’s current pop sound with their past garage rock sound, that ends in a track that’s distinctly No Doubt, but doesn’t sound like the same old stuff we’re used to hearing. Driving guitars, a catching chorus, and Gwen Stefani’s ever-strong vocals (I refuse to believe the woman is in her 40s!) make this single one definitely worth listening to.

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