Grandpa stars in a rap video

Posted on September 24, 2012 by

Grandpa has a secret. He’s the star of his very own rap music video — not only starring in the visuals but producing the vocals himself. His name is Kwayzar and this is his first hit single “I Can Still Do It,” reminds us of the fact that you can still be gangsta even when you’re 83. Despite getting the “senior discount” this dude is apparently driving ladies crazy — at least, that’s what it says on YouTube. The main point of the video? Kwayzar can give the girls what they need: Dude has enough testosterone for sex and can “still cut the mustard.” How? Pilates, yoga, rubbing low fat yogurt on his body and puffing on flax seed.

He’s so hip, the rapper even has Twitter. You Can follow him at  @KwayzarTheSeer.

Watch it here: 

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