One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young” plus the best gifs

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I have to say One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young” music video is one of my FAVES so far. I love the empowering message of the song, plus the guys genuinely look like they’re having a good time as they usually do, playing outside with their friends (who are VERY lucky to have them).

Donned in preppy plaids, blazers and collared shirts, the guys mess around outside, running in plastic bubbles on the lake, driving fast in a giant jeep and dancing at a neon glowstick dance party.

I’m inclined to dance to the track stat but I’m at work and I don’t know how my co-workers will take to my intense hip thrusting. I’m sure they’d join in if the sound wasn’t blocked by my headphones.

Watch the video here:

Anyway, here are my favourite moments, presented in gifs:

Look how silly they are!!

Let’s just revel in their silliness for a second. The guys wake up in a giant tent with perfect bedhead and literally bust out of it onto the ground. But don’t worry, they won’t let the fall spoil their day. [1d-muses]

Harry Banana

Do we need a reason to explain why this is our favourite gif? [niallhoranintanktops]

Who gave Louis the keys?

Louis always gets to do the fun stuff but I wonder who gave him the keys to the car. I’d feel safer if Liam was driving but damn, Louis would certainly go fast. [chezhires]

That’s how they do

Zayn’s always known as the shy guy but he’s definitely one of my faves. He always makes the funniest facial expressions and then quickly pulls out something SMOULDERING (see below). [teamstylator]



I’ll be pulling this move out at the club. Just don’t do it if someone is playing King’s Cup nearby because that would be mighty confusing. [bonnalou]

Niall has something to say

And we’ll listen to him all night. [thedirectionersplace]

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