Canadians teach us a few national dance moves

Posted on September 21, 2012 by

These two friendly Canadians took some time out of their busy schedules, packed with maple syrup tapping and curling, to teach a few typical Canadian dance moves.

These dance moves extend far into the roots of Canadianess and I’m sure if you travelled back to the days of John A. MacDonald and Wilfred Laurier you would have seen them (sometimes drunkenly) pulling out these tricks on Parliament Hill.

The educational video also takes you on a visual tour of Canada’s biggest city Toronto (no it’s not the capital) so you’ll get a glimpse of the CN Tower, ROM and Steam Whistle Brewary.

Some of our favourite moves include “The Friendly Backpacker,” “Scrape the Windshield” and “The Glove Save.”

What’s your favourite move?

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