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Rapper DMX learns to use Google for the first time

Posted on September 20, 2012 by

Remember when Aziz Ansari told us about the first time 50 Cent learned what a grapefruit is? He felt like he was witnessing an important lesson in the rapper’s life — a lesson most people learn at age five.

I feel the same way with this clip of rapper DMX learning to use Google for the FIRST TIME. Apparently, he’s been avoiding computers and has never even felt inclined to Google himself. He’s basically going on with life as though he lives in the early 90s, which is incredibly surprising for someone in his industry.

Luckily, New York radio station Power 105.1 was there to help DMX search his name for the first time and his utterly confused reaction is priceless. I’m pretty sure this little lesson will go down in Internet history. And we can all say we witnessed a very important day in DMX’s life.

The top rated comment on YouTube right now? “Cocaine 1 – DMX 0.”

Watch it here:

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