Basketball fan can’t pitch his tent

Posted on September 20, 2012 by

By Nadya Domingo

Crawling from the abyss of awkwardness comes Aaron Perkins, aka Yellow Tent Guy, who can’t seem to pitch his tiny yellow tent. The video shows a time lapse of Kentucky Wildcats basketball fans pitching 425 tents at Memorial Coliseum, as they prepare to wait for Big Blue Madness tickets. All but one succeeded.

The University of Kentucky student says his “friend” was supposed to help him set up the yellow wonder. If my friend left me to awkwardly fend for myself as I battled this little beast, I would not be a happy camper. Haa.

As the Kentucky WildcatsTV video continues, we see Perkins try so. damn. hard. to put up his tent. He even phones a friend (perhaps THE friend) for help but no one comes to aid this poor human being.

Hopefully the Big Blue Madness tickets were a consolation prize for being the worst tent-pitcher of the night.

Watch it here:

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