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Hits and Misses: Harry Styles, Lindsay Lohan and more

Posted on September 20, 2012 by

In the world of celebrity news, there’s no shortage of hits and misses. This week, Harry Styles reveals which One Direction bandmate he would date and Lindsay Lohan flees from another hit-and-run.

HIT: Harry Styles reveals who he would date from One Direction

Sorry Larry fans, but Harry wouldn’t date Louis Tomlinson! Instead, Harry would want to date Liam Payne! He recently told Top of the Pop magazine, “I think I’d go out with Liam because he’s a genuine, kind-hearted boy. Someone being genuine is really important to me. I think if you were his girlfriend, he would treat you really well.” 1) Must be heartbreaking for the other three 1D members and 2) D’aww….

MISS: Lindsay Lohan flees the scene after hit-and-run

It’s cool, Amanda Bynes, I wouldn’t take Lindsay’s twitter rant too seriously especially after she got arrested for leaving a hit-and-run. Lohan reportedly hit a male pedestrian while driving her Porsche in New York City. She was later charged with a misdemeanor for fleeing but was released soon after. We can easily solve the recent spike in celebrity car accidents by taking away both Bynes’ and Lohan’s license. See, problem solved.

HIT: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart meet post-scandal

According to US Weekly sources, Rob and Kristen are hanging out again! You team Robert die-hards can suck it because TWILIGHT IS SAVED. I do have one question though: how did they manage to avoid being seen together from the paps? I swear the paparazzi follows them 24/7. Congratulations to the two to managing to do the impossible.

MISS: Chris Zylka broken-heartily tweets about break-up with Lucy Hale

Thanks to Twitter, Chris Zylka pretty much confirmed his break-up with Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale. Zylka tweeted, “”Don’t have a girlfriend. She decided she was too good.” He later apologized and said Hale was “one of the most talented people [he’s] ever know,’ and continued apologizing seven tweets later. No wonder Hale broke up with him. He’s kind of like Charlie on HBO Girls with his smothering love.

HIT: Rookie Mag tries to get President Barack Obama for their “Ask A Grown Man” video

Ask a Grown Man” is just another brilliant idea from teen fashion maverick/Rookie Mag’s editor-in-chief/bitch-face teacher extraordinaire (She taught Jimmy Fallon last week), Tavi Gevinson. Manly stars such as Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, the Office writer and actor B.J. Novak and super producer Judd Apatow have already appeared on the web series where they give advice to teenage girls. Who else better to share their wisdom if not the Jay-Z and Beyoncé endorsed President of the United States? Go get him, Tavi. #Obama4grownman.

MISS: French tabloid ordered to turn in topless Kate Middleton photos

It must be a relief for Prince Harry to not be the only Royal caught without clothes on these days, but it’s becoming a bit of a legal nightmare for the royal family. The royal family’s lawyers recently won their suit against French tabloid, Closer, who now has to stop publishing and hand over the pictures of Kate sunbathing topless in the South of France. The photos were clearly a violation of privacy as Kate and Prince William were staying a secluded chateau. The Royals can’t seem to get a grip on the situation as a fifth publication plans to publish the photos by the end of this week. Poor Kate! She’s such a perfect example of grace, intelligence and beauty! They should just leave her alone!

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