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Snoop Dogg loves smoking weed with his 18-year-old son

Posted on September 19, 2012 by

"Don't worry Dad, I got a light!"

I think the last and only time I live-tweeted some type of activity with my dad was back on Father’s Day when I took him to a board game cafe with my sister. The most rebellious things we did that day involved drinking high-calorie Nutella lattes and playing a mobster board game that involved fake guns, but other than that it was pretty Leave It to Beaver.

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg Snoop Lion’s son Corde “Spanky” Broadus’ quality time with dad involves smoking pot. The 18-year-old regularly tweets photos of him smoking but we don’t always getting a glimpse of his badass rapper dad.

On Sept. 13 he tweeted the photo above with the description: “PURE morning.” A day before that he tweeted the photo below and wrote: “Wouldnt mind livin in Amsterdam Fo a year. #CaliDoed

Like father like son, right?

"Thanks for showing me how to roll this joint real tight."

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