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25 tips to help you de-stress this school year

Posted on September 19, 2012 by

By Galen Simmons

As the weather begins to cool down and we start to get more busy with that looming threat to our free time otherwise known as school, stress can become a very affluent factor governing the course of our daily lives. The nightmares of late-night cram sessions and last-minute essay scribbling, — which had once seemed so distant — are now flooding our consciousness with worry and doubt. Or, at least, they’re scaring the hell out of me.

So I thought I’d provide a list of activities that help me forget about getting a job, or paying for school, or even just getting up early to go to class, which, by all means, I should be very stressed about. [supreme-kidz]

How to de-stress

1. Go for a walk. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice walk now and then? The fresh air will clear your
head. [vin-ni]

2. Listen to music. A peaceful playlist can do wonders for your psyche. Try these.

3. Watch TV. One of my favourite mindless distractions to life’s real problems. May we suggest New Girl? [insertsnazzyurlhere]

4. Read a book. It’s like TV, but it comes on paper. [ilikedraw]

5. Watch a movie. Your favourite movie from childhood often does the trick.

6. Intoxicate thyself. For thy problems shall soon be forgotten. [kaitlynnnnnn14]

7. Rob a bank. Stressed about paying for school? Easy solution.

8. Go for a run. Probably from the cops if you followed 7’s advice. [confessionsofacrazyderpette]

9. Take over a small island nation. Governing a country will soon make your school stress seem insignificant.

10. Learn Kung Foo. Then go ape-shit on anybody who causes you stress. [bruceleeshrine]

11. Make friends with someone shorter than you. It’s a good confidence booster too.

12. Break into model homes to steal the plastic furniture. It’s a victimless crime… other than real estate companies, but I would still say it’s okay.

13. Bounce on a trampoline. I love trampolines. [reidius]

14. Go to a park and yell at the birds. Those smug assholes need to be taken down a peg.

15. Write a letter to your favourite dictator. Dear Mussolini…

16. Start a cult devoted to Charlie Sheen. Winning. [dirtyy-diamondss]

17. Cook a tuna casserole. That shit is delicious.

18. Eat a tuna casserole. That shit is delicious.

19. Write FOX’s new hit reality TV series. Easy to do, stress free, and lots of cash.

20. Angrily quit from jobs you don’t have, to bosses you don’t know. [diylol]

21. Start a drug cartel and base it in northern Saskatchewan. They’ll never find you.

22. Take a swim in a public fountain. Good for hot days.

23. Fake a mental breakdown. I hear hospital food has gotten better.

24. Start a mariachi band. Use it for evil. [tsumi7]

25. Write a list of ways to ignore stress. Then, when you’re halfway done, forget what you were writing about and ramble incoherently for a while.

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