10 photos of the week: Cross-eyed cats, Batman, the best looking man and more

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Spangles the cross-eyed kitten

Meet Spangles, your new favourite cross-eyed kitten. Although he was born with one cross eye, he can see perfectly fine. He loves to go on walks, watch birds and play with other animals.

Best view from a dorm room

The honour of best view from a dorm room goes to this student who gets to gaze at the mountains everyday when he’s studying. We’re not sure where this is, but we want to go.

Adopted kitty

The owner of this newly adopted cat loved the furball from the first moment they go it. The cat warmed up about five minutes ago.

Nothing ever changes

Hold on a second. These TV shows (including That ’70s Show, Modern Family and Married With Children) have been recycling the same newspaper every year? Nothing ever changes in Ed O’Neil’s world.

This cat is running for mayor 

But actually. Tuxedo Stan is heating up the mayoral elections in Halifax. Here’s why: “The reason I got into politics was to convince Halifax Council that we need a program to deal with the cat problem in our municipality. My brothers and sisters are starving, freezing to death in winter and reproducing at an alarming rate.” Only in Canada.

Ridiculously good looking guy

This dude doesn’t even need to strike a Zoolander pose because he’s naturally ridiculously good looking and stuff. This photo is of a 19th century New Zealand criminal. Good looking and a bad boy. Hmmm.

Most loyal dog

This is kind of a sad story. In 2006 Captain’s owner died and the German Shepherd ran away from home. A week later he was found at his master’s grave, which he had never been to before. Dogs are so intuitive!

On the job hunt

Lunch Rush

Someone at Blockbuster must’ve had a really bad experience with a former applicant. Is this discrimination against dinosaurs?

Date Night

Date Knight of the Day

This is the logical progression of a healthy relationship. It’s built up of 90 percent dinner and 10 percent Batman.

Relaxation time

This cat has found the most comfortable way to look out the window and hunt for intruding possums and raccoons. It’s his equivalent of a La-Z Boy recliner.

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