Tumblr Tuesday: Fall, Gangnam Style and Harry Styles thrusting with Ed Sheeran

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FYI, Fall is around the corner

Either you love fall or you hate it. It’s time to pack up your summer clothes and get ready for jeans, sweats and comfy oversized sweaters. If you’re kinda depressed about the whole change of weather, make yourself some autumn inspired cookies. I’m 99.9% sure you will feel better. [season-a-l.tumblr]

Mason is TOO cute, but it’s time to welcome another baby

On the season finale of KUWTK, you never know what you’re going to expect. I def shed a few tears as Kourtney gave birth (or technically pulled out) her daughter Penelope. Oh just another girl to add to the family. Watch out boys cause Lord Disick will be after you. [fuckyeahdash]

Pause — is that Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran?

Errrm, that’s some serious thrusting! One Direction’s Harry Styles and lyrical guru Ed Sheeran made a little (but impressive) cameo in XO MAN’s ‘Quag‘ music video. You know from Family Guy, “giggity giggity.” [let–us-die-young]

Who doesn’t love family photos? 

15 years later and that girl is still crying. I wonder what they did to her? [ignis-ad-cinerem]

Do the imaginary horse dance! OP OP OP

If you haven’t seen or heard of PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” you probably live under a rock. Don’t lie to yourself, you definitely tried the dance before. C’mon… admit it. [l-enfant-sauvage]

The evolution of the iPhone 

The iPhone 5 recently debuted and to be honest, there wasn’t much of a difference to the previous iPhone 4S. Maybe it did look a bit bigger, but now people are only assuming what to expect in the future. [doombxny]

Party with Jonas?

Remember when every teenage girl was in love with the JoBro’s? I wonder what it would be like to go out with them now, hmm karaoke, a bar or sushi? You decide.  [notyourrobot]

Can someone order this for me….on my birthday?

When I was younger, the coolest cake I remember having was probably one from the grocery store with a picture of *NSYNC on top, specially made for me! Then I loged on to tumblr and my hopes got crushed cause this is amazing, cupcakes too?! Damn. [satanishipster]

How relevant?

“NAP TIME!” Something you did not want to hear as a child. You were too busy watching your favourite show or playing with your new toy. Ugh, if only we could have those moments back. Why do colleges think 8 am classes are acceptable? [teenagerposts]

Meow, smile for the camera

You all have that one friend who is going to grow up as a cat lady (or is it you)? Either way, this pic is actually purr-fect cause the kitten is ridiculously happy! [awklicious]

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