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Fan proves why Kristen Stewart scandal was a conspiracy in awesome video

Posted on September 18, 2012 by

I thought all the devastation experienced by Robsten fans was over, but apparently the conspiracy theories are still going strong, especially now that Robert Pattinson has allegedly forgiven Kristen Stewart and rekindled their relationship.

Kristen admitted to cheating on RPatz with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders after incriminating photos surfaced of them in People. However, some fans are convinced the photos are bogus. YouTuber  is so sure the whole scandal was a conspiracy that they created a three-minute long video proving how one wiley photographer distorted the photos to make it look like they were engaged in momentary indiscretions. By considering the duo’s height, clothing and body positions, the editor determined the grainy shot is indeed a fake.

One little thing, K-Stew already admitted she cheated on RPatz in a public apology and I highly doubt anyone would fake an affair for attention when their career is already solid. Especially considering how private Kristen is. Just a thought.

Still, this video amazes me and I love that commenters are already planning to take comparison shots at the Los Angeles location to see if their heights were indeed photoshopped.

Watch it here:

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2 Responses to “Fan proves why Kristen Stewart scandal was a conspiracy in awesome video”

  1. MICHAELA says:


  2. Sandy says:

    The pictures that focus on kristen’s pants….look at the directors jeans, in one picture there is a reg tag on pocket and in the next photo the red tag is gone….what did he change mid-shoot. Totally fake !!!!!!. The car scenes are fake…not even her car.

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