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Victoria Abraham defines one up and coming artist each week so you can impress your friends with your musical brilliance. This week, she tackles Chaos Chaos, a band from Seattle, Washington.

Listening to Chaos Chaos, (formerly known as Smoosh), will amp up your cool factor because 1. They’re an indie pop band who’ve turned slightly electro, 2. The band is made up of two sisters, 3. They released their first album before they were teenagers, and 4. Their new EP is coming out on Oct. 16.

Band Members: Chloe Saavedra (vocals, drummer) and Asy Saavedra (vocals, keyboard)

Used in a sentence: “Asy and Chloe are impressively multi-talented, and their new single, “My Hands,” hints at great things to come.”

Download now: “My Hands”

File next to: Tori Amos

Five fast facts:

1. The girls released three albums under the band name Smoosh.

2. They released the first when Asy was 12 and Chloe was 10. Now Asy is 20 and Chloe is 18.

3. The name Chaos Chaos is inspired by the Pelomyxa Amoeba. The girls see a parallel between the way they are changing themselves and the amoeba.

4. The girls fundraised for their EP, tour and press via Kickstarter. They gave away their paintings, signed limited edition copies of their EP and a graphic T-shirt they designed as gifts to donors.

5. Asy describes her songwriting as a reflection of her risk junkie lifestyle.


2000: Smoosh was founded.

2004: They released their debut album She Like Electric.

2006: They released their second LP, Free to Stay. That same year they performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

2007: They performed at Lollapalooza.

2010: They released their third album Withershins.

June 12, 2012: Smoosh became Chaos Chaos.

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