Musical prozac: Diggy Simmons, Frank Ocean, Nelly Furtado and more

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“Not Even the King” — Alicia Keys

After dabbling in the pop and hip hop scene, Alicia Keys goes back behind the piano in “Not Even the King,” the second single off her upcoming album, Girl on Fire. “Not Even the King” carries a special message: money alone doesn’t make you rich. The new, artsy lyric video for the single features positive, childlike paintings that reinforce Keys’ beautiful melody and gentle keystrokes. It’s a great track to remind you what matters most in life. “Girl on Fire” is released Nov. 27.

“Fall Down” — Diggy Simmons ft. Victoria Monet

Seventeen-year-old Diggy Simmons dropped “Fall Down” featuring Victoria Monet from his upcoming mixtape Out of This World. The track re-ignites beef between Diggy and J. Cole, who freestyled a rap about Diggy at a Kendrick Lamar show: “Picture me hating on a young n—a with talent/Album flopped, but it’s cool, he caked out on his allowance.” Diggy took the lyrics as a direct attack on him and came back with “Fall Down.” He raps: “Thought J. stood for Jermaine, not Jetsetter/ You see me and shook my hand, coppin’ pleas in person/ Now you act less than a man, mentioning me in verses.” Ouch!

“Parking Lot” behind the scenes — Nelly Furtado

If you’re just too excited for Nelly Furtado’s “Parking Lot” music video to be released, maybe this behind the scenes look at the making of the video will tide you over. Nelly takes us on a tour of the set for her upcoming video, and you guessed it, it’s filmed in a parking lot with tons of cool looking cars. Have you ever wondered what a car would look like covered in fur? Well, thanks to Nelly, you will. Catch the full music video for “Parking Lot” on Sept. 17.

“Pyramids” — Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean finally released the video for his eight-minute monster, “Pyramid,” and if you don’t enjoy watching videos about drugs and sadness, I wouldn’t recommend you watch this one. And if you do decide to watch it, I wouldn’t recommend you watch it with your boss anywhere around you. Essentially, the theme of the video appears to be a look into Ocean’s dark and troubled mind. After drinking four shots of absinthe, Ocean shoots up a club, wanders into a strip club, and ends up in a desert with John Mayer. Just like the actual track, the video is truly a masterpiece, shot with amazing cinematography and deliberate care.

“Everything is Embarrassing” — Sky Ferreira

If you remember Sky Ferreira from two years ago, you’ll hardly recognize her new sound. With her new album, Ferreira decided to try a darker sound, not unlike electronic-Goth queen Grimes. “Everything is Embarrassing” is Ferreira’s first single off her new EP Ghost. With a hard disco beat, reverb drenched vocals, and a deeper emotional sound, Ferreira sings about a hopeful relationship. It’s a more grown up sound from her “17” days, and I’m definitely digging it. Ghost will be released on Oct. 2.

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