15 best tributes to Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

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With all the “Gangnam Style” parodies and tributes flowing off the Internet everyday, it’s been pretty difficult to keep up. We’ve seen parodies by lifeguards, beauty pageant contestants and even a quick dance blip starring Britney Spears and singer Psy himself.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide, featuring 15 of our favourite “Gangnam Style” parodies. Watch comic book anti-hero Deadpool storm the campus library and two guys trolling Chatroulette. You’ll never look at the iconic horse-riding dance the same way!

Deadpool versus “Gangnam Style”

Cool mom and son

Britney Spears Psy (we know we’re cheating with “tribute” but still!) 

Wedding video

“Gangnam Synchro Style” (with Psy)

“Byuntae Style”

“Baby Gangnam Style”

The Oregon Duck

“Lifeguard Style”

Chatroulette trolling

“Gandalf Style”

Miss Korea “Gangnam Style”

Handsome Style VS. Nuoc Mam Style

Ten Hour Elevator Dance

Flash mob

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