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Who actually listens to Skrillex?

Posted on September 12, 2012 by

If you were to take an anthropological look at Skrillex fans, you’d probably note their unique garb (undercuts, neon facepaint and the occasional exposed breast) and their behaviour (ripping the shirts off at chubba chubba and swinging it at boom boom).

That’s precisely what Josh Haddow, trainee musicologist does. More precisely, he studies music fans in searach of a deeper understanding of humanity. InĀ ‘s “Who Actually Listens To… Skrillex?” Haddow conducted field research by doing first person interviews with the dubstep producer’s fans.

Are dubstep fans merely vague an inarticulate? Or are they part of a new revolutionary movement? The episode is absolutely hilarious and I’m crossing my fingers they keep going. I’d love to watch Haddow be thrown into the throngs of boy band fangirls. What do you say to a One Direction concert next?

Watch it here:

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