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Eight things to do while on acid, courtesy of live tweeter @hella_brad

Posted on September 12, 2012 by

While we’re not necessarily recommending you use your next essay-free night to experiment with acid, we do recommend you read about such an experience courtesy of trooper @hella_brad, aka Gary Debussy, who recently live tweeted his first experience with the hallucinogenic drug. (See @hella_brad above, not on acid, but in a men’s room).

And damn, it sounds like he had the type of eye-opening experience that can only be accompanied by listening to Pink Floyd and staring through kaleidoscopes. Instead, he decided to go to a college party (win).

It all started when he asked his followers: “Serious tweet: should I take acid and go to a frat barbeque. I trust you guys to make the right decision for me.” OBVS a few people favourited the tweet because come on, that sounds like highly readable material. And it did not disappoint.

Read some of our favourite tweets below (not in order) and check out a complete Storify version here.

Things to do while you’re on acid:

1. Listen to R Kelly

2. Do a good deed and reward yourself with ice cream

Then eat more ice cream

Then do a good deed WITH the ice cream

2. People watch

3. Take in the beauty of nature

Like this

4. Quiz yourself just ’cause

5. Go to campus

6. Teach frat guys something new

Then teach them something else new

7. Be friends with animals

8. Forget the haters


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