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Twitter Stalking: Justin Bieber performs, Rihanna feuds with Piers Morgan and more

Posted on September 11, 2012 by

Justin Bieber

We’re happy because Justin Bieber is happy. And he’s happy because he’s performing for 500 lucky winners. And they’re probably beaming. So everyone is happy, all because of Justin Bieber…

Rihanna and Piers Morgan

You’d think Rihanna would take Piers Morgan’s burn about her new short haircut personally, but apparently making¬†debatably¬†offensive comments is the way to score an interview with her. Duly noted.

Sarah Hyland

Despite being such a historic day, “Gangnam Style” is still trending on Twitter. Probably because the power of Psy and Britney Spears are undeniable.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad likes to tweet Instagram photos of all the amazing fashion shows she gets to go to this week so we can sit at our desks and grit our teeth be happy for her.

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