Three people we’d like to see on Big Brother Canada

Posted on September 10, 2012 by

When Alek Pollock’s audition tape for Big Brother Canada went viral, we started thinking about all the other hidden YouTube auditions sent in from potential cast mates for the upcoming season. Casting calls are being made between September and December and something tells me Alek will be there.

Here’s who we’d like to see on the show:

Alek Pollock

He’s a decently tanned (on the top), Speedo-wearing hipster who raps about being an eccentric ladies man, and slaps sunscreen on his bare ass. If there’s nothing about this that worries you, then you’re probably insane. If you don’t want to see this hip-thrusting dude on Big Brother then you’re also probably insane.

Jason Bekiaris

He calls himself a Canadian rock star and legend and has even toured to — wait for it — Saskatchewan. We know this podcast host is going to be good because he’s excited about the possibility of lying to people. He’s a puppeteer, master manipulator and a self-dubbed Greek SINsation. The one problem we see with him: Does he ever stop talking?

Erica Vincent

The one problem we see with Erica Vincent is she seems too damn nice. But every season needs that perpetually innocent roommate, right? Still, she assures us she’d happily stab competitors in the back. Vincent is bald because she has Alopecia but we love that she’s super confident with who she is.

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4 Responses to “Three people we’d like to see on Big Brother Canada”

  1. Chris says:

    Who films a Big Brother Canada audition video on their honeymoon and has the famous Colosseum in Rome, Italy in the background? This guy and only this guy!


  2. Everyone should be keeping their auditions a secret (advice from casting director herself) … i know i am…
    going viral doesnt mean you’ll get in… probably hurts your chances

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