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Simon Cowell warns Demi Lovato to keep her hands off Niall Horan

Posted on September 10, 2012 by

Simon Cowell did One Direction fans a total solid by telling Demi Lovato to keep her hands of Niall Horan, because 1) he’s “pure” and 2) he’s obviously OURS. I mean, the two would be adorable together but we’re still holding out for our chance with the Irish member of One Direction because it will happen, right? RIGHT?

While Demi assures him in this X-Factor promo that she’s not dating anyone for an entire year, Simon doesn’t seem to believe her.

Niall and Demi reignited rumors that they’re romantically involved, when they were spotted after this year’s VMAs at Harry Morton’s Pink Taco in Century City. Just before the awards show he told Access Hollywood that Lovato is his celebrity crush. This is the second time the pair have had to dodge rumors since they were rumored to be involved at the beginning of summer.

While we’d hate to see Niall go off the market, Demi and him see like a good match!

Watch it here:

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