7 jokes from comedian Rob Delaney on Reddit: Chris Brown, Adele and penis size

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Comedian Rob Delaney logged on to Reddit today to do quick Q&A with fans for the AMA (Ask Me Anything) series. He answered questions about his penis size, celebrities who have blocked him on Twitter and the one joke he wishes he could take back.

Here are the best Q&As:

Celebrities who blocked him on Twitter

You may be wondering why Chris Brown blocked him on Twitter, though it’s not hard to guess. Delaney made a few jokes at the rapper’s expense (though we’re not complaining) tweeting winners like: ” I could beat up Chris Brown & Drake at the same time & then enjoy a Denver omelette at a family-owned diner in Pittsburgh.” Chris was obviously retaliatory in his response by blocking him.

Penis Size

The question that was on everyone’s mind was Delaney’s penis size. Does he rely on humour to make up for his small endowments?


Delaney¬† tweeted in the past about wanting to have sex with Adele’s ear and seemed distraught to hear she was pregnant. He still hasn’t heard back from her, but we know he’s waiting… like everyday.

Some of our other faves:

Making a difference
Biggest regret
Fave mayonnaise

Ultimate Fighting

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