VMA GIFS: Katy, Perry, Rihanna, One Direction, The Wanted and more

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Katy Perry kisses One Direction

This was the precise moment One Direction’s Harry Style’s decided not to wash his cheek EVER AGAIN. When you get a kiss from Katy Perry, you cherish it. You respect it. [just-stop-hating]

Or you do this:


The Wanted

The Wanted lost the Best New Artist award to their British rivals One Direction. While most of them acted happy, Jay McGuiness clearly didn’t give a f*ck. [hardwicks]

Rihanna and Katy Perry are BFFs

You really didn’t have to form any opinions of last night’s show because Rihanna and her BFF Katy Perry (who were sitting together) did it for you. Check out some of their sweet expressions below. [toughloveonedirection]






Taylor Swift brings back 90s dance moves

My BFF Taylor Swift is attempting to bring back the iconic talking hand dance move of the 90s. So far there has been no traction, but we’ll report back if there are any changes. [1derstruck13]

Emma Watson is ADORBZ

Emma Watson rocked that graceful shyness that we all love. I can’t think of a joke here because she’s just too perfect. [potter-gomez]

Nicki Minaj wore… something

Fact: There are two orange tabby cats lost somewhere up in Nicki Minaj’s hair. But don’t worry, they aren’t hurt and they’ll be auctioned off to a nice, rich family after the show. [funkmylife-minaj]

Rihanna can pull off cliches you can’t

In most circumstances, celebrities who take their sunglasses off and wink or brush off their shoulders are targets of plebeian hazing. Fortunately for Rihanna, she’s just cool enough to pull them off.  [itseasyforagoodgirltogobad]


Louis Tomlinson chose you

Millions of teen girls broke up with their boyfriends last night, misguidedly believing Louis Tomlinson was pointing directly at them. It wasn’t until the effects of 1D hypnosis wore off that they realized they had been staring at a screen. [1-direction-is-perfectionnn]

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