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Taylor Swift

What she’s wearing: T-Swift was spotted in NYC in mustard short shorts, a yellow and navy letterman jacket, wayfarer sunglasses, and her guitar.

Why we love it: If the singer wasn’t 22 you would have thought she was heading back to high school in this look. Even if she was going to hit the books, she’d be looking cute doing so. The mustard yellow is a hot fall colour, but the short shorts and the sunglasses still scream summer! Also you can’t go wrong with a guitar, one of the coolest accessories one could possibly have. Just make sure you know how to play it.

Takeaway: The letterman jacket is a hot item for guys — so ladies don’t be afraid to shop in the men’s section and find one for yourself. (Really you should always take a stroll in the men’s section to snag some unique items.) Who needs a boyfriend to lend you theirs when you can be an independent women and pay for one your own? Can I get an amen!

Carly Rae Jepsen

What she’s wearing: The Canadian pop singer was snapped in colourful printed pants and a white blouse on her way to an interview in London, England.

Why we love it: Abstract graphic prints have been a huge trend for the past year, but we hardly see them in pant form. Jepsen‘s pants make a bold statement and are a nice change from jeans and coloured denim/pants we usually see. Her loose, white blouse provides contrast to the bold pants and contrasts the slim cut of the pants.

Takeaway: Pair printed pants with a neutral/solid top to add balance. If printed pants aren’t available, printed leggings are another option to consider.

Zac Efron

What he’s wearing: Efron was spotted in burgundy pants and a black button-down in Venice, Italy and the same pants and a white button-down when returning to Los Angeles.

Why we love it: Burgundy is on-trend a big colour for fall, expect to see it in suits, sweaters, cardingans, and pants. We love how Efron was able to get a lot of mileage out of these pants during his trip to the Venice Film Festival and his return flight home to Los Angeles. These photos show how you can take these pants from day to night. It’s all in the accessories and the footwear.

Takeaway: Going from day to night is just as easy as switching from sneakers to loafers. Ditch the sunglasses and toque (or beanie for you non-Canadians) and you can easily change your look without doing a complete wardrobe change-up.


What she’s wearing: The Shake It Up actress stood out at her Sweet 16 party in Hollywood Hills, California wearing a fuschia capri tuxedo.

Why we love it: An awesome take on celebrating your birthday in your birthday suit! But in the end this look is no joke, it was a risky move and she pulled it off. The fuschia colour makes the suit fun and feminine and the capri length of the pants makes it youthful and less severe.

Takeaway: This menswear trend is one that some girls are apprehensive to explore. But menswear doesn’t mean you have to dress in men’s clothes and look like a dude. It’s about getting tailored and structured clothes that fit a female form, so as to not lose your femininity but still appear mysterious and androgynous.

Miley Cyrus

What she’s wearing: Cyrus tweeted a photo with her mom while she wore a studded bralette and mirrored floral skirt from ASOS.

Why we love it: Last week I applauded Cyrus for rocking the return of 90s grunge, but this week Cyrus is less grunge but still very 90s. While underwear as outerwear is not a trend that most people can, want, or are allowed to pull off, Cyrus’ new haircut has ushered in a newer and bolder style which is very exciting. Her studded bralette top is balanced with a high-waisted and colurful floral skirt, making this look a combo of sexy edginess and conservative sweetness.

Takeaway: If you do attempt a bralette top pair it with a high-waisted skirt or pant that sits on or just below your navel. Add a nice blazer or jacket to give you options to cover up in case you find yourself in a more conservative setting.

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