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The creepiest Nick Jonas fan video we’ve ever seen

Posted on September 4, 2012 by

Now, I’m all for fangirling and fanboying for your favourite celebrity. I mean, I sit here all day and happily write love sonnets to Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. BUT when it comes to obsessing over a celebrity there’s a fine balance between what’s appropriate fan behaviour and what’s just stalkerish.

Case in point: , who is such a massive “fan” of Nick Jonas that he/she detests anyone who has ever met him. Madam Nick Jonas uploaded a video to YouTube in which they’ve crossed out the faces of fans and celebrities who have been near him. MNJ writes in stanzas: “Fans of nick/ stop taking picture with him/ talk to him touch him/ if you go die/ it is that has me/ you have for that?/ nick is mine mine mine mine mine.”

In their message they specifically call out Demi Lovato for hugging him. Get a life and have some respect!!

Watch it here:



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