Back to School Playlist: Garbage, Florence, Lupe Fiasco and more

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By Azra Kassam

For newly accepted freshman, the idea of going to a new school, making new friends and becoming a full fledged “college student” might seem a little daunting. That’s why we’ve created a playlist to go with your new experiences and make the transition a little easier.  From all nighters to dorm parties to just chilling out, there’s a right song for the right college moment. Buckle up, kids. You’re in for the ride of your life.

Pulling an all-nighter
“Fur Elise” — Bass Hoven dubstep mix

The first all-nighter I ever pulled was for a course during the first semester of my first year at university. Canadian History, to be exact. And the only thing stopping me from pulling my hair out and collapsing into a ball of hysterical tears at 6 am was that I managed to find music to motivate me all night. The perfect “study music” has to be relaxing, but it also has to be upbeat enough to keep you from falling asleep on top of your essay.  This Bass Hoven dupstep remix of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” is an electronic spin on a classic and will keep you focused, yet alert during your night of studying. You can thank me later when you get an A on that paper!

Your first dorm party
“Sweet Nothing” — Calvin Harris & Florence Welch

Let’s face it. As much as your Residence Fellow will stress over and over that “parties are strictly prohibited” or you’ll “get fined for playing beer pong in dorm rooms” or “running in the hallways with glass bottles is a one way ticket out of residence for good” (can you tell I broke every rule possible?) there WILL be parties, and they WILL be fun. Bust out Calvin Harris and Florence Welch’s new collab “Sweet Nothing” at your first party and you will immediately gain popularity points for having the greatest playlist ever. With Flo’s larger than life voice and Harris’ pounding house beats, “Sweet Nothing” will make your first party a memorable one — if you can remember it at all.

Working out at the school gym
“Vava Voom” feat. Lupe Fiasco — Bassnectar remix

One of my biggest fears about going to college in a new city was that I would become a victim of the dreaded Freshmen 15. In fact, I was so scared I would come home looking 15 pounds heavier that I took full advantage of the gym at my school, making sure I worked out and stayed healthy. Gym fees are already included in most schools’ tuition, so you might as well take advantage of it! When you’re running off all those study snack carbs, throw on drum and bass DJ Bassnectar’s “Vava Voom,” featuring Lupe Fiasco to light some serious fire under your butt.

Chilling out by yourself
“Stay Gold” — The Big Pink

Your first year isn’t going to be fun and games all the time and I would be lying I said you’ll never miss home. For those days when you just want to be alone in your room and think about your family and friends back at home, throw on British electronic-rock duo The Big Pink’s “Stay Gold.”  Lead singer Robbie Furze’s passionate voice will carry you back to your hometown and the lyrics will remind you that growing up is something we all have to do.

Playing frisbee on campus
“Big Bright World” — Garbage’s new single

Summer is still going strong and during your first few weeks I recommend taking every opportunity to hang out with your floor mates. These people will be like your close family once the year is done! On those warm September afternoons with no homework, find a clear spot on campus and break out the Frisbee for some good old-fashioned fun in the sun. Plug an iPod into portable speakers and throw on Garbage’s new single “Big Bright World” to remind yourself that all you need are good friends and good music to be happy.

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