In which a cat gives Ed Sheeran a friendship sweater

Posted on August 31, 2012 by

From the brilliants minds of  comes one of the most inspired interviews we’ve seen of late (except for ours of course) and it involves Ed Sheeran and a cat named Monty. Ed was quite affectionate with the furry interviewer, probably because he was so flattered by the friendship sweater Monty presented him with. It’s always nice to start things off right.

Ed also answers some of the questions we’ve been dying to ask, such as: “Who was cuter as a kid, you or Ron Weasley?” and “Out of everyone from One Direction who would you like to present a rose to?”

The interview seems to get cut off quite suddently when Monty doddles away but it was only get a very special surprise for Ed!

Watch it here:

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