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Kate Hudson rags on Rachel in Glee’s new promo

Posted on August 30, 2012 by

We all knew attention-whore Rachel would end up lost when she started studying at NYC’s Nyada. That’s what happens to big fish in little ponds — once they move to the ocean there’s way more competition. I was expecting the Fame-esque storyline from Glee and the promo confirms they’re going in this direction, but the new season looks 10 times better than I thought it would be because Kate freaking Hudson plays a witch of a Dance 101 instructor at the academy.

While the freshman dance in leotards around her, she confidently struts across the classroom pointing out their flaws and encouraging them to embrace body dysmorphia. It looks like she’s not a fan of her students, especially Rachel, who she insists has a stuck up attitude.

It’s true though! Rachel is pretty stuck up and if there’s one thing I want from her this season, it’s to be torn apart and built back up again as a less annoying prototype of herself.

Watch the promo for season 4 here:

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