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Did John Mayer break up with Katy Perry over email?

Posted on August 30, 2012 by

First of all, I’m not really sure we can define Katy Perry and John Mayer’s brief relationship as “serious,” considering they were photographed going out together over the course of several weeks. Considering how busy both of them must be, we’re guessing they didn’t have many romantic dates over candlelit dinners while John strummed “Your Body Is a Wonderland” on the ukelele.

US Weekly reported that John Mayer was tired of Perry’s hard partying-ways and thought e-dumping was the most attractive breakup method. However, there’s NO PROOF that John Mayer “broke up” with Katy Perry this way — no copy of an email, no drunkenly written blogs from either of the artists or even a passive aggressive tweet. All we have is an article that claims a “friend” revealed the details (note: a friend would never out you to the media).

Listen, I really wouldn’t put an email breakup past John Mayer but there’s no need to go bananas over non-news headline. On that note, people are also saying John Mayer chopped off his locks because he wanted a “breakup haircut.” Maybe the guy had split ends?

Do you think there’s any merit to the “news” John Mayer broke up with KP over email?

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