PLL reveals a new member of the A team and we’re SHOCKED

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The mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars, aptly called “The BetrAyal,” was actually too much for me to handle. In between crying and abrasively yelling at the TV  that “I can’t, I can’t, it’s too much!” I somehow managed to calm myself down long enough to fill you guys in on what you missed.

*NOTE: ANDPOP takes no responsibility if you throw your laptop at the wall after reading this. Because let me tell you, you’re in for a wave of emotions.

1. Toby and Spencer have sex – PLL totally teased us by dangling Toby in front of our faces like “Oh! Look at what a good guy he is.” Spencer is so smitten by him that she even decides to have sex with him, which is HUGE! We know Spencer is the most calculated of the bunch so if she trusts Toby, then we should too. RIGHT? Wrong.

2. Nate is a fake — Remember that stalker Maya had a while back? Plot twist: it was Nate, whose real name is Lyndon. After Nate whisks Emily away for a “quiet” weekend at a cottage he confesses to being Maya’s stalker and as a final act of revenge he tries to kill Paige, who he kidnapped. Luckily Emily manages to kill Nate/Lyndon, which means Garrett can be released from prison.

3. Caleb gets shot- Kay, so there’s a 99.9 percent chance I’m crying as I write this, because Caleb got shot. All I know is he better make a full recovery or else I will not be okay and life as I know it will end.

**Find out who the new “A” is and watch the trailer for the next episode below!

4. Maggie visits Ezra- My favorite relationship killer, Maggie, pays Ezra a visit while Aria is there. Once Maggie realizes who Aria really is she makes a deal with her: if Aria doesn’t tell Ezra about his son (I still can’t believe I’m writing that) then Maggie won’t tell Ezra that Aria knew about it all along. Wow seems like this liar’s life just got a lot more complicated.

5. Toby is part of the A team (!!!) — Just like every conclusion of PLL, we’re shown a clip of the “A” team dressed in black hoodies and gloves. At the end of this episode we see a clip of Mona talking to a person in the typical “A” team uniform but this time “A” turns around and we see it’s none other than TOBY! I told you guys not to trust Toby! I knew he was too freakishly weird looking to be innocent and now we know for sure that he’s part of the A team. Even though I personally believe he might be in it just to help out the girls in some weird way; like you know be the Snape of PLL.

PLL will return on Oct. 23 with a special Halloween special that features Adam Lambert!

Watch the promo here:

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  1. Rokzy says:

    Caleb doesn’t shoot himself… Nate doesn’t die right after he is stabbed so when the lights go out he picks up the gun that Caleb puts down and he shoots and it hits Caleb.

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