Passive aggressive letters from roommates

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Whatever gypsy magic my university used to match me up with my roommates worked, because we were all equally “quirky” in our own ways and went on to live with each other for another three years. We slowly developed a roster of bizarre inside jokes nobody understood and the engineers that lived below us came to accept there was nothing they could do to stop our impromptu 80s dance parties after nightfall.

Anyway, I’d gladly accept all our weird quirks over horrible roommates that leave greasy messes in the kitchen and slyly try to steal my food. One way to deal with inconsiderate roomies is to leave passive aggressive notes that gently remind them their roommate duties aren’t being fulfilled if they leave their empty water bottles on the living room table for you to clean up.

While I wouldn’t say it’s the ideal way to deal with such situations (maybe try an adult conversation?) passive aggressive notes are certainly fun to read.

Don’t be chronically messy


Pick up your mess

 I cleaned most of the apartment so please keep it tidy while you move out  - Kelsey.  P.S. go to hell


Don’t sleep in someone else’s bed

Do NOT sleep in my bed. I will be able to tell, and I will be PISSED. I respect your stuff, so please respect mine. And if you think this note is weird, I think it's even weirder that you're in here reading it. :)


Don’t leave 21 passive aggressive notes

The party stops as soon as you walk in


Don’t make noise OR steal clothes

When you slam the door I woke up and feel deprived of sleep all night. Therefore I took your clothes. I hope you got the point.


Don’t make a kitchen flowchart

Refrigerator flowchart


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