GIFS of the week: Toby, The Wanted, reporters vs. Isaac and more

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That awkward moment when you’ve fallen in love with A 

After muchos thought and consideration, Spencer had sex with Pretty Little Liars’ Toby, who totally had his eyes open when he was kissing her (why were they open TOBY?). Turns out the dude is part of the A-team, but we’re crossing our fingers he’s working undercover. What did you think of the midseason finale, which was aptly called “BetrAyal?” [prettyl-ittleliars and prettylittleliarsquestions]

Reporters versus Hurricane Isaac 

No, this isn’t an episode of Man vs. Wild. NBC’s Al Roker and The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore report on Hurricane Isaac from New Orleans. Stay safe everyone! [Buzzfeed]

Hurricane Isaac Vs. The Weather Reporter

That’s my tune!! 

We’re obsessed with these adorable twins who indulge in A Night At the Roxbury head bob whenever their dad plays the guitar. ADORBZ. [Reddit]

ANDPOP interviews The Wanted

And they made up a rumor about Siva’s testicles. But actually. Catch their full interview with @Jordans_Life at ANDPOP.com. [ANDPOP]

Happy Birthday Liam!  

One Direction’s Liam Payne turns 19 today.

Happy birthday MJ!!

It would have been Michael Jackson’s 52nd birthday today. Everyone play your favourite MJ tune in tribute!!

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