Tumblr Tuesday: Back to school

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 Colours VS. Patterns

Sadly, getting back into the routine of classes is around the corner, and if you’re already there,we feel for you. On the bright side, going back to school comes with back to school shopping. You can still feel like you’re walking on sunshine with these fashionable backpacks. Which would you choose? [teenjournal]

Bring your non-existant boyfriends to school with you

Is it just me, or having these star-studded notebooks would actually give me the motivation to do my homework? Not only are they totally cute to carry around (and I wouldn’t be embarrassed about it), you can just doze off and stare at their pretty faces during a boring lecture.

Decorating your dorm

Sometimes when you’re off to college, you don’t actually get the living accommodations you thought you’d have. In the end, you have to make the best of it. I really like how this girl has all her necessities (desk, bed, fridge) as well as organizing bins to save space and clutter. You can never go wrong with bringing along pics of friends & family to feel more at home. [tarynxoox]

DIY Nails

Usually when I paint my nails, I just slap on any colour that I can get my hands on. Now if you’re extremely excited to get back on bus, opening your books and popping open your pens, spend some time with nail art! If you actually get around to make this happen, send us your pics. [myownnails]

DIY Binders

If you’re all about saving $$$ (who isn’t) you can make your own personalized binder cover with all your favourite things. Easily go to the dollar store and buy a binder, print off pictures or use magazine clippings, and glue it together. Voila!¬†[notyoaveragekid]

Or you can just get down to business 

The front pages of these notebooks are pretty self explanatory. [setfiretoyourshit]

When you get to college, partying comes along with it

Asher Roth makes going away to school sound like the best thing ever in “I Love College.” Just make sure to get your assignments in on time and you should be good. [whatshouldberkcallme]

Morning saves

If you pulled an all-nighter working on a paper or on the other hand, out at a ragging party, you still have to make commitments to your early morning classes. Put on a pair of sunglasses, grab a cup of coffee and suck it up. [coffeefashionacting]

Organize a study group

Make sure to make some friends in your classes because chances are when you e-mail your prof, they won’t respond ASAP. Trust me. [xits-a-bittersweet-lifex]

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