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First episode of Katniss, Bella and Hermione’s reality show

Posted on August 28, 2012 by

We first got excited about BAMF Girl’s Club when we saw the trailer back in July, depicting fictional heroines (and Bella) being awkward on the Comediva reality show. Episode one features Katniss, Bella, Hermione and zombie slayer Michonne, among others.

In this episode, the ladies move into their new home and drama starts right away when Lisbeth Sander attempts to make friends with Hermione. Unfortunately Lisbeth thinks “making friends” means researching all of Hermione’s sordid past actions and reciting them to her (will this come back to haunt the witch?).

Katniss Everdeen is a reality show pro and we’ll have to watch closely to see who she strategically chooses for her alliance (my bet is on Michonne and Buffy).

Then there’s Bella who pretty much gets upset by everything. Team Jacob will surely be shedding tears along with her at the end.

Watch it here:

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